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How do I get Forms to clients to complete - automatically and manually?

The most efficient way to send forms to clients is to do so automatically. You can do this using your services and automated messages settings. A typical example would be for a client having their first appointment, to be automatically sent a Client admission/ intake form as their appointment is confirmed.

You can set this up in Settings - Automated Messages

Forms must always be linked to an existing client profile. If they don't yet exist, a client can easily be created in the Send Form workflow. At minimum, a First Name is required for a new client.

Below are the ways to get Forms to clients for completion.

On your in-office device

Click to view how to pass your device to clients to complete their forms: allowing a client to complete a form on your device, such as a tablet

Via Messaging, manually

  • via direct Messages; Click on a client's name on a booking in the Calendar or in the Clients section, then on the Messages section. Include a link to a form within a personalised SMS or email.

See screenshot

  • or via forms: click on the Send button next to the form on the Forms page Then click on 'Direct message' and choose an existing client, or create a new one before sending the form.

See screenshot

Via QR Code, for when in-office/on premise

Forms can be sent directly to devices for completion on your premises either on clients' own phones or on a tablet you may have at reception. To do this, click on the QR Code option, and select the client name.

A QR code will automatically be generated, and this can be scanned by any QR code reader on your client's phone or a tablet you have floating around in reception.

See screenshot

See this article for popular ways to scan QR Codes on most devices.