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How to create/edit a Booking Form

Bookem's default Booking form asks for Name, Surname, Email, Contact Number and Notes. If you'd like to customise your booking forms, i.e. ask specific questions depending on the service being booked, this is how you go about it:

Go to Forms and click on Booking

Choose to edit an existing form, or to add a new form:

Click to add a field:

Choose a field type you'd like to add, such as a:

  1. Field linked to a client profile, which will overwrite this field in the client profile with whatever is filled out here, for e.g. a client's Date of Birth
  2. Input field, in which case it would only be saved with the booking itself. Choose from any of the kinds of Input fields. In our example we'll add a Input type field, a kind called Long text entry:

Populate the field with a label and anything else required for the type of field, in this case we'll add a label and some Help text:

We can preview our form by clicking on Preview

And this is what it looks like: