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How to link a form field to a client field

Forms can have information entered that:

  • only gets stored on the form, which you can still access from the Client "Forms" section, but don't need regular access to such as "referring practitioner"

  • that merges with a client's information on their client profile - this would be information that is needed regularly for invoices, patient notes etc. e.g. Medical Aid Details.

Below is an example of what the "Profile" Information might look like.

Here you can see the difference between fields on a form that are linked to the Client Information Profile and that are not linked - this information can be gathered in the same Client form.

To have Form fields merge with a client's profile, first a custom client field needs to be created and LINKED to Client Profile. The video below shows how to create Client Profile Fields in Client and then create a form, linking to these preset Client Profile Fields.

Then, you can either:

Add a field to the form by choosing the custom client profile fields that you'd like

Link a field already added to the form by clicking on the field's edit icon and searching/selecting the existing custom client field here, like this

Now whenever a client fills this form out, this field will get updated on the client's profile too.