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A simple online booking and client management system.


Your clients are reminded of appointments

Reduce no-shows with automated SMS and email reminders. Your reminders include a link that shows clients your location and how to contact you.

Automatic recalls and follow-up notifications

Specific booking types can be set up to receive automated recall reminders. Eg: your clients get SMSed 10 months after their last Annual Check Up to make a booking for their next one. Bookem also sends automated surveys and Bulk SMSes.

Two-way communications with clients

Client replies to your SMS or email notifications go straight to your in-app inbox. You can then respond directly from Bookem using SMS or email.

Your clients can make bookings 24/7

Your clients can schedule their appointments online, anytime. They pick from your list and Bookem cleverly shows available slots for them.

Works on any device, anywhere

Android, iPhone, PC laptops, tablet, MacBook... Whatever. Bookem works pretty much whatever you use as long as you have access to the internet.

Manage your team's schedules online

Manage team appointments where they can see it, in - or outside the office. You or your team can choose to get notified whenever new bookings are made and whether or not to accept them automatically.

No need to make backups

With built in redundancy and offsite backups, Bookem handles this for you safely, in the cloud.

Sync appointments with your device calendar

Stay in-sync with your mobile and existing calendar - Outlook, Google, iCal, and more.

Case studies

Bookem has transformed the way we work. It's streamlined our practices remarkably. Clients love it too. The customer service is fantastic and the platform is just so easy to use!

The Oculus

The Oculus is a boutique optician practice with one branch and two optometrists. They allow clients to make their bookings online through their website.

Bookem is very user friendly and keep all our appointments and calendar notes up to date.

We like the fact that it sends out sms reminders for our patients with the link where we are based.

We also like that we can change the appointment as patients cancel or move their appointment without any hassle.

Bookem is also nice to add and remove services on the system and that each Dr have access to their own calendar on bookem and can make bookings themselves.

Dr Jan Nel

Genprac has a number of different practices all under one roof - doctors, aesthetic specialists, and a psychologist. They use Bookem to manage their practice from a common reception area and allow clients to book their appointments online through their website.

We love using Bookem, as this really helps scheduling appointments much easier and because all our bookings are saved online, we don’t run the risk of losing any data and scheduled appointments.

The appointment reminder feature, saves us a lot of time in reminding patients about their appointments, which gives us time to focus on other aspects of the business.

We have really embraced this new way of scheduling appointments, and do recommend this product to anyone running an appointment-based business.

Carlene Swart

The CDE has 4 branches with lots of practitioners each specialising in different services. Some practitioners work in multiple branches and some services are branch specific.

Some practitioners work for another business. Bookem ensures their schedules are accessible to both businesses so that they can be managed optimally.

They allow their clients to book only some of their available services online, while the rest need to be booked by the booking managers.

With a growing business every minute wasted is money down the drain. With Bookem, I can focus on what I do best and leave the dreary work of booking and reminding clients to “someone” else. The best part is not hearing a client say, "Oh, no! I forgot about our appointment." I just love those gentle reminders the day before our meeting.

Thank you to the Bookem team for an excellent, user-friendly system.


Munchkins coaches parents in South Africa, Dubai, Switzerland and the US. Rather than operate from a central location, their team of coaches consult with families in their own homes, or hold remote sessions over Skype.

Munchkins uses Bookem to manage their appointments in each country, with some coaches working across multiple time zones, in multiple currencies and languages. They can choose to send their notifications to inBoxidual clients in English or in French.

We like Bookem because it has made it much more user friendly for patients to book their sessions without the long phone conversation on both client and therapist checking for available suitable times, and they can do it any time of the day/night. It has also taken strain off the therapists to phone back patients to book sessions, therefor saving us time and money. Reminders sent to clients also make it difficult for them to forget their appointments, which was a problem in the past. And lastly it makes it easy for us to book appointments and check calendar from any place we are, and therefor do not have to travel with dairies.

Du Toit Physiotherapy

Du Toit Physiotherapy have two practitioners - one working part-time, while another works on- and offsite.Their clients make bookings by phoning in or from their website, integrated with Bookem.

To allow for travel times, some services include a buffer without affecting the start time that a client gets reminded of for their appointment.

They can't always take calls when clients phone in, so their voicemail directs clients to their website to make bookings online.


All you pay for are SMSes. Yeah. Really.

The cost of an SMS depends on the country you are sending to. Choose your SMS destination and currency below to see what it would cost.

per SMS notification


Your data is safe! Have a look at our Privacy Policy for a detailed description of if, how and when we collect and use you and your clients' data on Bookem.

Absolutely. Give us a call or mail us to arrange the best time for a customised set-up and coaching session on how to use Bookem best in your business.

Sure. We have a data conversion tool for you to use to import your existing client base into Bookem. As with anything, let us know if you are having trouble using it and we'll step you through everything.

There are no hidden costs. All you pay for are SMSes; and even those are configurable. We think SMSes are the biggest benefit for your business by minimising no-shows. We hope that less no-shows will easily pay for your SMS costs. This way of charging also ensures Bookem's cost is proportional to the busy-ness of your business. We know how hard it can be to get a business going.


Call or email us and we'll help you configure your account to work optimally with your business.

We are always happy to discuss how Bookem can serve you best.

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