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Allowing clients to book online

Your Public Booking page URL is found in Settings | Sharing & integrations. See screenshots below.

Online bookings will only be possible if you have availability set up and your Booking Preferences are set to allow it.

Public URL

This is right on the top.

This uses your handle as set up in Settings | Business profile. If you'd like to make this handle shorter, or more catchy/easier to remember, you can change it there.

You can use this URL anywhere - your email footer, in online ads, mention it on voicemails, or link through it it from text or a button on your website or a Book Now button on your website. We've created a sample button for this, which you'll find on the bottom of the Sharing & integrations page, but what's important is that you use your public URL:

QR Code

Here you can find a QR code made just for you, that clients to scan to book time with you. You can download it and send it to your designer for adding to your email footer, printed flyers, stick onto your entrance/exit door, etc.


Embedding your Bookem public booking page on your own website is the best option. Click here to see how to do it. This way, clients can complete their bookings without ever leaving your website.

On a different note, this article shows how to provide extra instructions for locating your business, which can come in handy when the GPS directions to the parking lot fall short and you need to offer more detailed guidance the last part of the journey on foot.