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Synchronise one or more external calendars with Bookem, such as iCloud or Outlook

This article shows you how to get one or more iCal subscription URLs from your Apple device (iOS/ MacOS/ iCloud) or My Office 365/ Outlook calendar and feed it in to Bookem. This way your busy times on any of those calendars block out your availability on Bookem.

iCloud or Mac Calendar

  • Log in to iCloud from your browser.

  • Open the Calendar app.

  • Click on the greyed out "broadcast" icon (see screenshot below)

  • Click Public Calendar.

  • Copy the given URL (it'll start with webcal)

Now that you've copied your iCal subscription URL to your clipboard, skip to the last section below to see what to do with it.

If you don't want to make that calendar public things get a little more complicated. See this article for how to do that.

My Office 365 / Outlook

To add an iCal feed to your account on Bookem, you will need the link to the Office 365 calendar, or to do so from Outlook Web Access (OWA), which is an online version of Outlook.

Getting your iCal feed from OWA

See how on Microsoft's support page here. Once you have the iCal url copied to your clipboard, skip the following section and go to the next one explaining where to paste it.

Getting your iCal feed from Outlook

Follow the steps below to get the link for your iCal feed.

Log in to Office and navigate to your calendar: 

Go to the Navigate tab. In the upper left corner of the screen, you will see an option to Share. Click the Share hyperlink. 

Email the link: 

Clicking Share enables your computer's native email program, resulting in a pop-up. Enter your own email to send the link to yourself. 

Note: if you get an error message stating that you are not allowed to Share your calendar, contact your system support team about this and ask them to change this setting for you and/or your team/organisation.

Copy the Subscription URL from the email: 

In the email you receive, you will be given several links. Copy the last link that addresses subscribing to the url. It starts with https:// and ends with .ics.

Copy your Secret Address iCal URL to your clipboard.

Paste your iCal URL into Bookem

Now that you have your iCal URL, you need to let Bookem know what it is. To do this, go to your Team Member in Settings | Team Members | {your name}, and paste your iCal URL into the iCal import URL field. See screenshot below:

Note: you can add multiple calendar feeds to your Bookem profile. To do so, just click the 'Add url button', as shown in the image above.