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Scheduling and taking video calls with Bookem

Bookem automatically generates video call links for your virtual appointments

The beauty of using the integrated Video call feature is that Bookem does all the work for you. This means you do not need to use a third party for your video calling.

Follow these steps to set up video calls:

1. Go to Settings - Services and Create a Service by clicking the '+' in the top right corner and select 'New Service'. Set it as a Video Call under 'Where is this service provided'. Click Save.

See the example below of a service called "Video Call"

2. Now it's time to create Video Call Automated Messages. Go to in Settings - Automated Messages

3. Select +Add and start with a notification.

4. Select the notification type you would like to create an automated message for. We recommend starting with a booking confirmation.

5. Name your new message and select the services for which you'd like to send this automated message.

6. Compose the SMS and email messages and insert the variable "Video call link" by using a # symbol, then type or search for "video call link". This is where the video call link will be displayed to your client. They can simply click on this to launch the meeting.

Automated reminders

Use the same method to set up your Appointment Reminders (you don't need to create a new service, as this is already done). Ideally, you should set a reminder for one day before the appointment and another one shortly before, eg. 20 minutes before the appointment.

These automated reminders can be worded differently, but they should all include the Variable Video call link.

Read more about automated reminders

Happy video calling!

Bookem video calling is a Bookem Plus feature. Learn more about Bookem plus here.

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