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A typical walk-through of a client & booking journey

This article steps you through a typical journey, from beginning to end, booking to billing, from a business and client's perspective. It'll hopefully provide an idea of how things could work for you and your clients.

Making your first booking

First, go to your calendar and click on any time slot. You should see the following dialog pop up:

Type in a name like "Bruce Wayne". As no client by that name exist on your Bookem account you'll have to create a new client by clicking on "Create Bruce Wayne" in the drop down:

A new "New Client" dialog will appear, with some client details for you to populate. Use your own cell phone number and email for testing purposes (important later). After completing the client profile fields, click "Create" to create your first client:

The client field will now contain the name of the client you created. Next, you'll have to choose the service you want to book the client for:

Let's book Bruce for an "Initial Assessment". After selecting the service, you can change the time, who is providing the service, or even add another service to the booking.

Once you have filled in all that's necessary, click "Book" to create the booking. The "Initial Assessment" was created by default when you signed up for Bookem and is configured to send out an email or sms with form link in it.

Check your confirmation notification

After creating your a booking, an email or SMS notification with a form link should arrive in the inbox of the client:

Fill out the form that appears after tapping/clicking the link:

View the form your client submitted

By default, Team Members in your business you will receive a notification (via email and/or SMS and/or in-app) shortly after a form is submitted with a link to the completed form. You can also find this form by opening a client profile. You can do this by clicking on the client's name in the booking dialog.

Generate invoice

After a booking has taken place, you most likely want to issue an invoice. You can create invoices from Accounts | Invoices, or directly from a booking by clicking the "New invoice" button:

If a service has had one or more line items linked, the invoice will auto-populate with line items and amounts. You may want to fill in some extra columns like ICD-10 codes.

You can add more line items or associate extra bookings with this invoice. When done, click Finalise or then Finalise & Send to bring up the invoice email/SMS modal:

If the client has an email address, the toggle to send an email will be on by default. However, you can opt to send only an SMS, or both an email and SMS.

The body and subject of the email will auto-populate with default wording. This copy can be customised in Settings | Payments & Invoicing | Messages.

After hitting Send, your client will be notified of an outstanding invoice on the channel(s) you selected.

Recording a payment

A payment can be recorded before or after sending an invoice. To record a payment first, instead of choosing to Finalise & send, rather choose to Finalise & pay.


Payments can also be initiated from Accounts | Payments, either way you choose to do this, the payment modal will pop up. Save once done.

Create client Notes

Create a Note - directly from the booking on the calendar:

On your blank note, enter some text, and try using '#' to quickly look up and add an ICD-10 code, or any other Data List.

add an image, annotate on it with your finger, magic pen or mouse, or attach some files

Click/tap to insert a Note Form into your Note

Complete your Note Form and then hit Update. (NB this doesn't Create or Save your Note, only adds the completed form to your Note)

Now create and Close your Note

More info

Once you're comfortable with how it is that Bookem generally works, here's a checklist for getting your business set up optimally.

Our Help section is packed with info about topics/keywords you'd like answers for. Here are a couple of useful areas to explore next.

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