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Adding a new team member to your Bookem account

Bookem allows you to add as many team members as you want. Each subscription plan covers 3 bookable team members and admin is always free. If you need to add more than 3 bookable team members, there will be an extra charge.

How to add a new team member

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Team members

  2. Click '+New Team member' at the top right

  3. Enter the team member's name, surname, location, group, and indicate if they can be booked

    Ticking 'This team member can be booked' means that they will be made available for bookings. If this team member is, for example, part of your admin team, this box should NOT be ticked

  4. If your new team member isn't part of Bookem yet, click 'Invite team member to Bookem' to send an invite to them. A drop down will appear to enter their email and specify what type of access they have:

    Admin access - allows a team members to create and remove other team members, services, locations and other resources

    Standard access - allows a team member to create and manage bookings

  5. Finally, click 'Add team member'

This is an example of what their profile might look like at this point:

Once your new team member has been added and they accept the invitation to Bookem via email, they will be asked to set up a password which will allow them to access your business profile on Bookem.

However, there are a few more steps to get them set up fully.

Make sure to set up your team member availability

Once your team member is added remember to also set their availability so that they will only be booked at times when they are available. This is especially important if you have more than one location.

Here's how:

  1. Go to Availability

  2. You can set time available and unavailable by selecting '+ Availability' and '+ Time off' independently

  3. Whether you are setting your availability or time off, in the From field, enter the start time of your availability interval

  4. In the Until field, enter the end time of your availability interval

  5. Select the 'Repeat' checkbox and choose the recurrence frequency if relevant

  6. Select the resources that this availability interval applies to

  7. Click 'Save'

Click here to learn more.

Next, associate team members with services

Resources (Team members) must be associated with a services to allow bookings to be made.

Here's how:

  • Go to Settings > Resources

  • Select the service you want to associate a resource to to

  • Scroll down to 'Serviced by' and select a resource from the drop down

  • Add as many resources as necessary

  • Click 'Save'

Lastly, set up invoice settings

Ensure the correct practice number is added to invoices for your new team member.

Here's how:

  1. Go to Settings > Team Members

  2. Select the team member's name

  3. Scroll down to Invoice information

  4. Enter the team member's practice number

    That's it. Your new team member is set up and ready to take bookings!

* NB: Please read our Security basics to understand the importance of giving each Team member their own login

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