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Note forms

Note forms are used with Notes, a Bookem Premium feature.

Note forms are forms used within Notes, as a way of creating a set of questions and/or fields and/or images or body charts for completing when making a Note. They are for practitioners to complete and are not sendable i.e the client does not complete this.

A typical note form may include:

  • Initial assessments, which may contain body charts or images for annotating on
  • Progress reports or questionnaires

To create or edit a Note form form go to Forms and select "Note". To edit an existing Note Form, click on the Edit button. To create a new one, click on "Add", as below, and follow the prompts:

You can add diagrams or body charts to easily use/reuse in your notes. To add a Note Form to a Note, click here:

Here's what a typical Note Form could look like while completing and before inserting into a Note: