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Add images, documents, tables and charts to your Bookem Note Forms

Bookem allows you to add so much more than just text to your note forms.

But first,

You can add different fields to a note form:

  • Text fields: Short and long text entries.

  • Dropdowns: Can be linked to data lists.

  • Checkboxes: Allow you to select multiple options.

  • Multiple choice: Allow you to select one option.

  • Diagrams: Images, tables or charts/body charts can be added here. This can be helpful for annotating progress reports or questionnaires.

To add a diagram field type, follow these steps:

1. Go to Forms > Note

2. Click '+Add'

3. Create a new Note Form

4. Now, add the 'Diagram' field type

5. You can now use the Diagram field type to upload the following to the form:

  • Images

  • Documents

  • Tables

  • Charts

6. Just select the appropriate file and upload

7. Remember to Save and close!

You will be able to access this Note Form during note-taking by clicking on the clipboard image on the top right of your note.

Patient Notes is a Bookem Premium feature.