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Some clients report emails are going to Spam, what can I do?


Unfortunately over enthusiastic spam filters do get it wrong sometimes and clients report emails going to spam. This is one of the reasons we recommend using SMS for important messages such as initial consult confirmations and reminders: delivery is simply more reliable.


Google uses some AI to classify emails as spam. A lot of factors go into this.

  • One is the server reputation, which we have worked very hard to make stellar.

  • Another one is the content of the message. If the AI thinks your message seems spammy, it'll flag it.

  • Thirdly but probably not lastly is the address email address which your mails come from.

So, you have no control over our servers reputation, but we monitor it via and the reputation is consistently high.

We also run our emails through spam analysis services and fix everything we can.

This leaves 2 things that you can change:

Bookem gives you default email templates for your emails, but you can edit them. It's possible that some people have marked our templated messages as being spammy and now the Google AI has been convinced that messages in that format are spammy. So you can reword it, and maybe google will be happy.

  • Change your appointment related messages in "Settings - Automated messages", and your invoice related message in "Settings - Payments and invoicing"

Secondly, we've changed the emails to come from [email protected] instead of some random email for every client. This allows the Google AI to differentiate and attach a reputation to emails coming from [email protected]. So, what you could do is to ask clients who find the mail in spam to mark it as "not spam". Google recommends this and we hope that by giving you your own email, google will learn that you are not a spammer.