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Bookem General Preferences - all you need to know

Bookem allows you to manage your General preferences effectively from Settings > General Preferences

This allows you to:

  • Control the confirmation settings for bookings: either manually or automatically, with or without payment.

  • Enable online bookings for an easier scheduling experience for clients.

  • Set a reservation period for unpaid bookings to minimise lost income.

  • Clearly list your booking and cancellation policy for transparency with clients.

  • Set minimum and maximum lead times for public online bookings for better schedule control.

  • Use the public availability feature to "look busy" Aka Fog of war.

Managing your booking preferences

Default status for bookings created by team members:

When you or one of your team members make a booking manually, the default status of the booking can be set to three different settings:

  1. Confirmed - it's in the calendar and automated messages will be sent to the client accordingly

  2. Awaiting payment - the appointment will confirm, but only once payment is made, will it be finalised in the calendar. Learn more about payment methods or manually allocating a payment from the business side.

  3. Penciled in - this option will only reserve the space in your calendar, but not send automated confirmation messages to the client, until you confirm it.

Default status for online/ public bookings:

  • Confirm bookings without review - bookings will automatically be confirmed without review or payment.

  • Confirm booking upon payment - bookings will be confirmed once payment is received.

  • Manually confirm booking requests - You and your team members have control over confirmations of bookings with this option. No bookings will automatically be confirmed. The 'Requested booking reservation duration' must be set here. This is the time you have to review booking requests.

Show or hide pricing on public booking page