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Generating an invoice in Bookem

Bookem allows you to generate invoices for individual, or multiple bookings, straight from your calendar

Here's how

1. Go to your calendar

2. Select the appointment you want to invoice for

3. Click on the 'New Invoice' button

4. Bookem will auto-populate the invoice with the client and service information, codes and pricing

5. You can add or remove line items, copy a previous invoice, and edit pricing where required

6. Once you are happy with the invoice, select one of the following:

  • Finalise: This allows you to save the open invoice while keep the invoice open.

  • Finalise & close: This allows you to save the open invoice and close it.

  • Finalise & send: This allows you to send an unpaid invoice to the client.

  • Finalise & pay: This allows you to allocate payment and save the invoice. You will also be prompted to send a paid invoice if you do this.


  • To reduce time spent on invoicing, make sure your service prices are set up correctly.

    Set pricing in Settings > Payments and invoicing > Line items and add itemised prices to your Services in Settings > Services

  • You can create one invoice for multiple appointments by clicking on the '+Add Booking' button in the 'Invoice' window.

  • You can Finalise, Finalise & send or Finalise & pay by clicking the arrow next to Finalise

Lead more

Invoicing is a Bookem Plus feature. Click here to learn more about Bookem Plus.