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Sendable, Booking and Note Forms, what's the difference?

When you navigate to Forms in the Bookem side menu, you are presented with three different forms. Not sure what they are? Let us explain:

Sendable Forms

A Sendable form is designed to collect comprehensive client information such as Name, ID Number, Medical Aid details, and Address. These are typically sent for e.g. to new clients upon booking their first appointment or for getting consent for a particular treatment such as dry needling.

Learn more here: How do I send client intake forms automatically?

Booking Forms

A Booking Form is completed by clients each time they book online. It's typically short and requests basic information like Name, Email, and Contact Number. You can customise Booking Forms for different services, allowing you to collect service-specific information.

Here's an example of a Booking Form:

To learn more about Booking Forms, check out these help articles:

Note Forms

Note forms or templates are used within Notes to create a series of questions, fields, images, or body charts for completion when making a note. Here's a help article explaining how to add a Note Form to a client's notes.

You can add images, documents, tables and charts to your Note Forms, click here to learn more.

Here's an example of what a typical Note Form might look like, specifically a Patient Assessment form with a body chart and observation fields:

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