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How do I create or edit an online form in Bookem?

Bookem has three types of customisable online forms, Sendable, Booking and Note forms.

This article refers to "Sendable" forms. Sendable Forms are typically used for new Client/Patient Intake forms, consent forms, questionnaires and surveys.

Forms can have two kinds of fields on them; fields that need to:

  • only get stored on the form, which you can still access from the Client "Forms" section, but don't need regular access to, such as indemnity clauses or client signatures


  • always merge with a client's information on their Client Profile, or pre-populate with the information already stored on there. This would be information that is needed to be referenced regularly by humans or by Bookem in future. For example, if Medical Aid Details were a client profile field, when filled out by a client, these could be used to automatically populate on an invoice. In order to link form input fields to a Client Profile, you need to create these Client Profile Fields before continuing. See how to create Client Profile Fields here.

Once you have set up your Client Profile Fields, go to Forms and select Sendable Forms and + Add

Give the new form a name and create


This is where the Client Profile Fields you created earlier will show. If you select any of these, they will be included in your form and automatically link to the Client Profile.

You can then scroll down and add additional input fields as you require. Again: these fields will not be stored in the Client Profile, but will be stored in the saved forms only, for e.g. for legal purposes, not continual reference.

Forms are a Bookem Plus feature, please contact us if you would like to trial Bookem Plus.